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    Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) is the focus of our Club Workshops. We make this a fun, hands-on problem-solving experience. We try to make it relevant to the students learning in schools and universities. In 2017, one of our students presented inventions built on our technology at the Global Social Business Summit(GSBS) 2017 in Paris.

    Michael Zhang is a year six student from East Marden Primary School. By learning about agricultural problems at school, from Cameroonian friends who picked cocoa fruits for $2 a day, he learned of locusts damaging crops. With help from his friends at school, he developed an electronic grasshopper trap dubbed: 'Locust Feast'. He now teaches the Cameroonian children how to make and sell electronic kits, so they no longer need to work on the farm, can go to school, and buy chocolate, which, before they had never tasted. At GSBS 2017, Michael presented this device, alongside a Wi-Fi fish-feeder, designed to feed fish during vacation.

    At GSBS, the Lord Mayor of Adelaide gave a speech commending him and his empowerment of his peers in Cameroon. Michael Zhang presented his own speech to rousing applause. His efforts garnered the attention of Queen Sofia of Spain, who talked to him personally, alongside Dr. Yunus, and kissed him endearingly. Michael Zhang was also interviewed on SBS radio in Melbourne, and had his story covered in the Sunday Mail.

    We hope our weekly workshops, teacher outreach programmes, and yearly competitions in the Royal Adelaide Show continue to attract new talent, enacting social progress through the world.


    GSBS 2017, Paris


    • Martin Haese speech at GSBS
    • Queen Sofia of Spain & Professor Yunus liked Michael STEMSEL story
    • Michael with Dr Yunus at Paris GSBS 2017


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