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    How it works

    Rich man helping the poor man

    The rich man can provide hardware and initial training to allow the poor man to solve the problems in his everyday life, such as a light for reading at night.

    Developing projects with ezSystem consists of three simple steps. The following picture depicts the three steps of a 'FridgeAlarm' project. You can find more project examples in our tutorials page.


    What is ezSystem?


    ezSystem Software V
    FREE Version
    Please note ezSystem requires Windows (XP and above). ezSystem works with our STEMSEL boards and allows users to program graphically making programming easy!

    ezSystem is designed for the poor man   . . .   and the rich man!

    The aim of the ezSystem is to enable Creativity and Innovation for all people, allowing them to start their own micro SEL business, anything to do with microchips, programming and training.

    The software consists of two sections, the Design layer, which is called ezCircuit Designer and the Programming layer, called  CoreChart. Instead of going through an immense amount of code that is meaningful only to those with engineering or high programming knowledge, all the programming is done graphically.  This means that required knowledge is minimized and creativity is maximized.

    Our goal is to make sure that the software is "ez" enough for everyone.

    To use ezSystem Software most effectively, it is strongly reccomended to purchase the corresponding hardware, available at eLabtronics.

    ezCircuit Designer    Slide Down || Slide Up


    ezCircuit Designer (ezCD) is a graphical icon based program for the design of microcontroller based systems. Its simple user interface allows users to build simple to advanced circuits.

    ezCircuit Designer automatically generates and updates circuit schematics, pin settings, parts lists and test procedures, whilst formatted documentation structures are given to help with Specification, Management and Design Documentation. In short, everything required to move on to programming via Corechart.

    Also, each circuit comes with software drivers and via a single click export to Assembler or CoreChart Graphical Assembler, a step-by-step test sequence program that formats all the necessary connections and variables is generated to help users start their microcontroller project.

    CoreChart    Slide Down || Slide Up


    CoreChart is an icon-based development tool for the programming of microcontrollers. As a true assembler, CoreChart produces code that is smaller and faster than that produced by the compiled programming languages typically used in product development. This code can run on smaller less costly microcontroller chips, therefore CoreChart enables the development of smaller and more cost effective applications.

    CoreChart has a user-friendly graphical interface. This enables shorter new product development cycles which in turn lowers development costs and means that more original products can be produced. Furthermore, it makes microcontroller programming accessible to all people, even those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged or lack formal education in programming and technology. Students and enthusiasts can quickly learn CoreChart and create innovative electronics/ICT applications.