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    STEMSEL Inventors workshop

    STEMSEL Inventors / microchip workshops for Yr 3 upwards. 

    STEMSEL Inventors workshops involve people of all ages in the design, build and programming of micro-controller projects. (For project examples please click here.) The projects taught cover the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Social and Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL). Experienced mentors are there to help you. 

    The students also learn team work, problem solving, critical thinking, responsibility, respect, leadership, self confidence.

    • Robotics Training: No prior experience needed.
    • Date, time, and location may change. Please contact eLabtronics prior to the next workshop.
    • Please register with Miro before you come to our workshop

    Contact Miro at Stemsel Foundation
    E-Mail: miro@stemsel.com
    Phone: (+61) 8 8231 5966
    Mobile: 0425 868 353

    STEMSEL Students Enrichment Program (SEP)

    Practical, Communication, Business, Networking skills
    At STEMSEL, the University mentors are set challenges in order to gain Practical, Communication, Business (PCB) and Networking (NW) skills.

    The University mentors are challenged to develop STEMSEL micro-Technology Businesses. The university interns have used their STEMSEL SEP experiences in job interviews with great success.

    Advanced STEMSEL projects


    Marshall Tearle, a Year 10 student from Henley High School, used ezSystem elab16m to replace all his animatronic robots remote controllers (non programmable black boxes) in a few hours! eLabtronics team and International Students (IS) helped Marshall to exhibit his animatronic robots at the 2010 and 2011 Royal Adelaide Show. He won grants and the first prize to compete in the 2012 Robotics Competition in Malaysia. The eLabtronics team has enabled Marshall gain media publicity and robotic orders which could be the beginning of a STEMSEL Micro-Technology Business (MTB) for him.

    LED Girl<

    In 2016, advanced students developed propeller/spinning LED displays, and presented them at the Royal Adelaide Show.

    STEMSEL Workshop Photos   

    STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop
    STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop STEMSEL workshop